Giving to those

that Give to you

Many have received encouragement and support when they lost a loved one or have been counseled through a difficult time by a minister. Your pastor has been there for you, perhaps now you can give back to them.

If you are a layman and want to support your Pastor or those in the ministry, we not only need your prayers, but your financial support for the The Barn Ministry and Shepherd’s Hope. It is tax deductible and, by giving your gift, we will be able to support those in the ministry at no cost.

David Ralph

Michael & Dee Ann Page

Pastor David Ralph is a retired District Superintendent from the Nazarene Church and Michael Page is retired from pastoral ministry. The call to serve our peers in the ministry comes from a love, passion, and concern for those who give their lives for others.

This is not a business. It is non-profit work to benefit those who we care for. Almost 100% of giving goes into the ministry.

There are three areas that you can make a gift to:

The Barn Ministry

This money will be used to add more Retreat homes and other facilities in the future.